Mr. John Marsh

Teacher at the Middle/High Campus


Hello!   My name is John Marsh.  Originally I am from South Jersey, very close to Philadelphia.  I recieved a broadcast communications degree down in Miami, at Barry University.  I lived and worked in Orlando for about 5 years before settling down in Fort Pierce.  I have been a teacher for over 20 years now, educating both middle schoolers and GED students of all ages at IRSC.  

I have taught here at SCPA for 6 years now.  I am privileged to work in the History Department, focusing mainly on teaching Civics to 7th graders as of late.  Determined to pass on my American-based Civics knowledge, my students seem receptive to my goals.  Normally, students have above average grades in both my class and state-based standardized tests.  We, as a History Department are leaders in the county when compared to all of the other schools.  SCPA is an "A rated" school consistantly, and my department is a big part of that success story.   

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