SCPA Drama Club

Drama club is open to any Middle or High School student in good academic standing at SCPA.  Drama is currently run as a club, meaning that there is no class associated with it and it meets after school.  Since our time together is short, the plays we produce are only limited in the size and scale to the dedication of our members.  To date we performed over 10 short plays.
No previous experience is required to join the club, and we are always looking for energetic, creative, and loud people to join our ranks.  If you don't think you are a performer, but really like to create scenes or objects- we sometimes need people to help construct sets or work back stage.
The club normally meets after school on Tuesdays from 3:45-4:45.  As the club gets closer to a performance date practice on Thursday at the same time will be added.  Saturdays are sometimes used as dress rehearsal days right before the play.  For this reason a reliable form of transport is a must for participation in Drama Club.
If you have any questions about the club please feel free to contact

SCPA Drama Club will proudly present for the 2021 Production

14 More Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview
By Ian McWethy
When the Dean orders two college recruiters to find one more student to fill out next year's class, they find themselves revisiting the dreaded Wait List. Packed with wacky characters from a beat poet to an amateur bodybuilder, a super hero to a wanted criminal, this sequel to 13 Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview is a comedic ride through the college application process as two recruiters sort through the crazies in hope of finding one sane candidate.
Production Date: When They Finish the New Building where the NEW STAGE IS- We will put on a show :)

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