Uniforms at Somerset College Preparatory Academy

RATED SCHOOL :   2015-16 "B"   2016-17 "A"   2017-18 "A"   2018-19 "A"   2020-21 "A"   2021-22 "A"

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Click here to open the Ibiley Uniform web store for grades 6-8.
Click here to open the Ibiley Uniform web store for grades 9-12.

PE Uniforms Sets (for PE classes only)
  • Natural colored tee with "Somerset Spartans"  for high school students
  • Gray colored tee with "Somerset Spartans" for Middle grades students
  • Athletic shorts or pants are black or maroon with no logos or with the Somerset Logo.
Friday Tee Shirts
  • The burgundy tee shirt for High School students
  • The yellow tee shirt is for Middle grades students
  • SCPA uniform hoodies/jackets from the Ibiley web store (hoods or head coverings that are not an expression of religion are not permitted to be on while a student is inside the building or on the bus)
  • Non-uniform outerwear is not permitted unless the outside temperature is 59°F or less.  A blast will be sent in this event.
Monday - Thursday uniforms
Any color denim/jeans or khaki slacks/docker-style pants/shorts/skirts/skorts or capris may be worn. Solid color with no logos or markings/print, no rips, tears, holes or frays may be worn. 
Bottoms containing any spandex whatsoever are strictly prohibited. Skinny jeans are not permitted. The material must be able to be pinched and pulled at least a 1/2 inch from the skin without pinching the skin. No joggers, sweat pants or leggings are permitted. Bottoms may not contain rips, tears or any fraying. All bottoms should be finger-tip length or longer. 
Shoes must be close-toed. Any color/style/heel height is permitted as long as the toes are closed. Crocks are no longer permitted. 
There are no restrictions on hair color, piercings, or accessories as long as they are not a distraction or disruptive to the learning environment. 
Lanyards and IDs are a mandatory part of your uniform. 

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