Somerset College Preparatory Academy Dual Enrollment IRSC

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How to apply for Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Application and Registration Process  
1) Student goes to and clicks on Admissions.  
2) Once on the Admissions page, scroll down to the Blue tabs under “Apply here” and click on Dual Enrollment Students and then click on View the Dual Enrollment page to apply: 
Follow the steps to apply; Please make sure you have the answers below for when you are filling out the Applicant Profile page inside the application- this will ensure you complete the application as a dual enrollment student (these answers are #2 on the steps). Although you are a dual enrollment student, it is technically an Associates application.  
             -Click on the blue link for application for admission when you are ready to begin.        
3) On the next page, you will go to the top right hand corner, click Sign In, to create an account. Please read the instructions prior to clicking on Sign In.  
Then click on Create Account 
You will then receive a verification email to the personal email address you provided.  
Click the verification link to Sign In.  
4) Once you are signed-in, click the appropriate admissions application to begin a new application or to complete one previously started.  
5) Student submits an IRSC Application – click on Apply Now 
6) Applicant Profile-  your responses should look like this, then click ok: 
(make sure you choose your high school in the campus preference box; if you are a home school student select home school for your county in the campus preference box) 
7) Enter Legal Name
8) Enter Student Demographics (it will help you in the future it you enter your social security number)
9) Enter Contact Information
10) Enter middle name (this helps identify you if you have a common last name)
11) Additional application information
12) Then click Submit 
13) The student will then receive a confirmation email in their personal email account (the one used to create account on External Student Site). See email below. Students need to read and follow the instructions in the email to sign in to their application and complete the additional steps (Action Items) necessary for the application to be successfully submitted for review. If students do not complete all action items (upload supporting documents) the application will not be successfully submitted for review. 
a. Student uploads their completed 508 (Program Agreement form--counselor signature not required) as part of the application process. 
(If you are a home school student there is additional paperwork, see your email for directions)
b. Student completes Dual Enrollment Orientation. Student receives notification on how to register for and complete Dual Enrollment Orientation in application confirmation. Once orientation is completed, it will be graded and the Orientation Hold will be removed if all other requirements are met.   14) The application request and 508 form get routed to the Dual Enrollment Admissions Team. Student gets admitted once birthdate is checked, high school location included, signatures confirmed.   
15) Upon admittance, a student record is created in Workday; the student receives communication within 48 hours (see 2nd email below) on next steps to the student’s personal email (from OKTA that includes Rivermail email activation link) and the High School Guidance Counselor Verification Survey will be triggered - automatically adding a full registration hold.    
a. Students must activate their Rivermail (IRSC email) and then activate their Pioneer Portal (student account) in order to be able to register for classes.   
16) The counselor must complete the survey and indicate if the student has the required 3.0 GPA.  That will release the ELIGIBILTY hold on the student’s record.    
17) Once all registration holds are removed, and all Onboarding is complete student is now eligible to register for SLS1101 and CGS1060 on their own via self-serve registration.  SLS is mandatory.  CGS1060 is optional.   
18) Through completion of Orientation, students should know the steps on how to register, but can always refer back to Orientation for assistance.  Additionally, in Workday there is a training worklet with the steps to register. 

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