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Join us on the PlaySCPA Minecraft Server!

Our school is running an official Minecraft server, entirely self hosted on our campus and maintained by Larry of our IT Support.

Join on the latest of version of Minecraft: Java Edition (that's PC only!) The server ip is

You will be required to verify with your 562# and birthday. If you are an alumni or teacher and are interested in playing, please email to have an exemption added for your username.

Follow the official SCPA Minecraft account, scpa.minecraftclub, for the latest updates on the server.

Fun facts:

  • It takes time for information to travel. You're guarenteed to have a low ping, since you live geographically close to the school! Expect less than 30 on average.
  • The server has a robust economy system. Buy, sell, set up shops, trade with others, and so much more.
  • Claim your chunks to prevent griefing. No more burnt-down builds!

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